Learner Drivers Pass Plus Refresher Courses

Choose Your Instructor

The first step in learning to drive is choosing an Approved Driving Instructor. An Approved Driving Instructor has a Green Octagonal Badge which they will display on the windscreen. Even if you are leaning to drive, your ADI will display this in your car through out the lessons. Some driving schools use trainee driving instructors who can be identified by their Pink Triangle Badge. It is a criminal offence to charge for lessons without being a registered driving instructor. ADI's are required to regularly sit Check Tests from the DSA.

Before You Learn

Before you start learning with your instructor you must have a provisional driving licence. You can apply online or collect a D1 application form from your local post office. While you can't start driving on the road until you are 17, you are allowed to apply for a licence a few months early to allow time for it to be processed. A provisional licence currently costs £34 if you apply online or £43 if you apply by post.

Apply for a provisional driving licence online by clicking here.

Your First Lesson

For your first lesson you will require your provisional driving licence. You will also be asked to pass an eyesight test (being able to read a car's number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres with glasses or contact lenses).

The Theory Test & Hazard Perception

Your theory test consists of 50 questions, with a pass mark of 43. As a new addition, 5 of these questions are placed within a case study. You are required to pass the hazard perception test in the same sitting, with the pass mark set at 44 out of 75. You must pass your theory test before you can sit your practical test, but you can take lessons before you pass the theory section.

When you feel ready you can book a theory test by clicking here.

The Practical Test

First your examiner will ask you to present your driving licence. The examiner will then ask if you wish for the accompanying driver to sit in the back of the vehicle while on your test and also attend the de-brief at the end of the test. Next you will be asked to take the eyesight test and then answer one show-and-tell question, with the examiner asking you a second show-and-tell question while on the move during your test.

You will be required to drive for approximately 38-40 minutes with the examiner. During this time you will be asked to perform one out of four reversing manoeuvres which are the reverse parallel park exercise, the bay park exercise forward (to the left or right) or the same manoeuvre in reverse, or finally pulling up and stopping on the right and then reversing two car lengths. One in three tests are also asked to perform an emergency stop! As a new addition, you will also be required to do about 20 minutes of independent driving where 4 out of 5 tests will be asked to follow sat nav directions, with the other tests being asked to follow a list of vebral commands, signs or schematic drawings given to you when you reach that point in the test.

Always contact your instructor before arranging a test. Once you and your instructor think you are ready you can book a practical driving test by clicking here.

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